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Relatable With Ilsa and Kyra Episode 12 Special Guest Samy Ruby

Ilsa, Kyra, and Samy discuss such things as the nostalgic early 2000s midnight movie premieres, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Gojira VS Kong, and so much more. 


Episode 11 : Stalkers, Lurkers and Loki - OH MY!

Ilsa and Kyra are super proud to have come from both Mexican and Puerto Rican cultures, especially because they truly have raised some high functioning train wreck legends.

We really just wish they would've given us a lesson on how to get a stage 5 clinger out of your apartment the next morning when they just won't leave. When they don't take "I have to go pull the weeds" as a sign for them to get the hell out, just proceed to bill them via your normal daily Air b n b rate.

Our favorite mischievous villain is back at it again this week (no, not boo boo the fool) LOKI, with a brand new trailer for his own Marvel show coming out in June. We literally cannot wait to see Owen Wilson's nose get in the way of watching the actual show. 

*BIG Star Wars NEWS* that literally made Kyra cry all week - the cast of the Obi Wan Kenobi show has been officially released and we are beyond excited. Will there be a 10 year old Luke Skywalker roaming around on Tatooine? We already know Star Wars can CGI the hell out of any character. We can't wait to see what happens.



Episode 10 - So Many Hot Guys With Metal Arms

Season 2 continues with ya girls starting off the pod by discussing getting into the feet pics business!

Nitro makes an uncanny appearance on this week's episode and 1/2 of Relatable is finally vaccinated! Listen to find out who! Let's gooo!!!

This week was pretty calm in the world of news, but that didn't stop the Relatable girls from going on tangents about Natalie Portman, the Zack Snyder Justice League cut, and of course we discuss The Falcon and The Winter Soldier! 

Oh and don't forget to check your cereal before you eat it, you never know what cinnamon-covered seafood tails may be lurking in there. Also, Fuck Thanos, Fuck Trump, and Fuck Thomas Jefferson.

Stay till the end for an update on Poe



Guess whose back back back

back again gain gain

Relatable's back back back

tell a friend that The Bachelor is whack ack ack

.....Okay so we can't rap. We never claimed we could BUT we do claim & have solid evidence to prove that many people wasted countless hours of their lives choosing to watch The Bachelor Monday nights instead of hanging with us on Spotify! 

Its okay. We forgive you. And we have a gift for you as well - 

The Chumpcast is in the house, coming to you *LIVE* from our new partner and network, The Lincoln Lodge in Chicago!

Guys, this episode is downright silly. We expose Ilsa for loving Deadpool so much that she even joined his phone company. That he named after an herb (and no its not weed) ((its mint)) 





How the hell have we been doing this for 8 WEEKS?!

It flew by. We are forever grateful for your support, and we are also grateful Lady Gaga's beloved dogs were found. Welcome back Gustav and Koji (what incredible names btw)

This week was pretty standard for Americans; we didn't get a stimulus check, a new episode of Wanda Vision shocked us all even more and our president bombed another country - all things that are sadly ordinary for the United States.  Why do we live here again?

OH because Spiderman lives here. Duh. And we finally got a new name for the next movie!! We've been doing our Tobey Maguire chants everyday, hoping to manifest our favorite Spidey's comeback.


But for real y'all, thank you so much for being here. Especially if you're still reading this. We are so incredibly grateful and this podcast is quite literally our lives. We've learned a lot throughout this inaugural season & we can't wait to return for season two with more guests, livestreams and even more banter !! 



It seems the plot thickens in America, as Texas is now the new set location for The Day After Tomorrow Part 2 (Jake Gyllenhaal will not be returning to the franchise) .......and Ted Cruz decided to jetset to Cancun while thousands were left without electric and heat. 

I still can't believe no one has busted him for being the zodiac killer. Come on all of you true crime podcasts, do your job.

In this episode, we discuss probably some of the best trailers we've seen for movies since...well Dune. Duh. Go read Dune.

We got Justice League, Mortal Kombat and Cruella just to name a few...

it wouldn't be our podcast if we didn't mention Captain America's ass right?





Thats right, you read the title.

This week's podcast features our first ever guest, Chuck Lindsey.

Who is Chuck Lindsey you ask?

This absolute legend has been one of the biggest voices of the Chicago comic scene. You can often catch him weekly on his YouTube show, "Chuck Load of Comics," where he showcases all of his favorite comics, movies, tv shows and upcoming Nerd News.

Chuck recently created the first online comic con, allowing fans to still get the full con experience! He's conducted countless interviews, enabled fans to get meet and greets with their favorite celebrities and has brought the con community together throughout the covid pandemic.

When comic cons come back, you best believe Chuck will be there, with his own booth, interviewing celebrities, comic book artists and everything in between!

Special thank you to Chuck for putting up with our antics! We had such a fun time. 





Yeah. We like Harry Potter. We 100% consider it a personality trait.

Its not our fault if you're a Muggle and never got your letter from Hogwarts, but even if you didn't, we still love you!! Except you J.K. Rowling. We know your ass is a squib. 

If you don't know what a squib is, look it up. 

This episode finally gives you the Kardashian update/tangent you never asked for. Yes, we are embarrassed we know so much about them. We don't know how, why or when it even happened. It's safe to say we know more about this family than United States history. 

WHEN THE HELL IS DUNE COMING OUT?!? Maybe The *Spice Girls* can be on their movie soundtrack. 




What an incredible week the United States had (I guess everyones been saying that for months)

But no, really this time, I mean it. Like we have a whole new president is in the building. And we love to see it.

Congrats President Biden, I hope you use your @potus Twitter handle much more wisely than that other guy with the spay tan.

In the meantime, we'll be praying you cancel our student fucking loans sooner than later. I'm still here, eating Ramen noodles, just like my college years seven years ago. I can't go on like this. 

OH and please please PLEASE do something with your presidential power to make this new Spiderman movie come out sooner. Honestly if you can make this happen, you can put the student loan cancellation on hold 





EPISODE 3 - WHAT’S FOR DINNER IN HOLLYWOOD? (Armie Hammer CAN NOT make the menu)

This past week was an absolute shit show and the only thing that saved us was Wanda Vision premiering *thank you MCU for still giving us reason to not completely off ourselves*


Here at Relatable, we have a strict No Cannibalism rule. Apparently actors in Hollywood are over green juice and ready to eat literal humans. If you're a conspiracy junkie, this episode might be for you.....


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