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Episode 43 - Goldfish Besties

Its officially hot nerd girl summer in Chicago and the sun is out after 42 days of darkness in Chicago (we're not kidding, look it up)

This past week we got to FINALLY see Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Sam Raimi did not disappoint! We break down his horror influence over the movie, how epic Wanda was AND how America Chavez has stole our hearts completely. Some of our predictions also ended up coming true. *heavy spoiler alert*

We break down the Moon Knight season finale as well, which was nothing short of emotional. What an epic show. We already miss Stephen and Marc...and even Jake kind of.

Thank you so much for your support and tuning in to our podcast. Don't forget to check out our Youtube channel for trailer and tv show reactions and breakdowns.


Episode 42 - Goats and Hoes

What a week for nerds!

Happy day after Easter! Harry Styles has risen!

Young Dumbledore stole our hearts this week in the latest Fantastic Beasts movie, Morby was a bad boy and didn't live up to expectations and we got a brand new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer! Talk about a hell of a tease, we actually got a split second first look of Natalie Portman as Lady Thor. 

Are you watching Moon Knight? If not, we're judging you but also we got you. We recap up to this week's upcoming episode drop - and for only a 6 episode series, there is a lot going on. Marc Spector has our hearts <3


Episode 41 - The Nickleback of Hollywood

It's been a minute! Sorry for our brief hiatus, but we've been incredibly busy with work picking up and moving. Adulting really isn't fun...unless you're talking about Moon Knight to your pal, which is exactly what this episode entails. 


Hollywood was in shambles this past week. Superhero's are getting exposed, people are getting slapped - everyone probably just needs another quarantine so they can chill and take a break from people for a second. We totally get that karaoke bars are triggering for some (plz don't ever choose a country song) but that's what weed is for. Take several chill pills Ezra Miller. Violence is never the answer.


A new trailer for Dr Strange dropped this past week and we're just about a month away until we get into some more multiverse shenanigans. May is shaping up to be a great month. 


EPISODE 40 - Tom Cruise’s Hit List

February was a blur and we're already 10 days into March. 

Hibernation season is almost over and its time to take off the blankets and layers, and get the hell out of bed (just kidding...we'll always make time for DC tv shows)

We made it to Episode 40! 40 is a great number, the age of peak life and attractiveness and apparently the episode we get to THANK YOU x a million for helping us reach 1000+ subscribers on our Youtube channel this past week! We love you. Thanks for hanging out with us week after week and listening to our shenanigans. 

SO MUCH NERD NEWS. We were finally blessed with the Obi Wan trailer and it was absolutely breathtaking. We will never be over it.  Our much anticipated DC movies have been pushed back until 2023 (The Flash, Aquaman, Black Adam), Dune Part 2 casting news (Hello Yelena), and there's a panic in central park, I mean Kraven the Hunter, because our fav, Heroin Charlie from the tv show Girls has entered the nerd world. We are ready.



Episode 39 - You’ve Got Chain Mail!

A list of the reasons why we watch the Super Bowl: 

1) the trailers

the end. Oh, and Joe Burrow. Duh. And the unlimited amount of alcohol one can consume without being judged.  

But seriously you guys, we were not ready for all of the incredible trailers released! Dr. Strange In the Multiverse of Madness (holy shit), Jurassic Park (holy shittt), Moon Knight (oh my lanta) and many more. We recap them all for you. 

Arguably one of the best Star Wars episodes ever came out this past few weeks featuring our very own Luke Skywalker and THE BABY, our sweet little green goblin, Grogu. Not to mention our favorite cowboy, Cad MF Bane! The Book of Boba Fett finished strong and set the tone for the upcoming Star Wars shows we are counting down the days to. 

Also if you really wanna taste it - we end our episode with a recap of our favorite show, Peacemaker. James Gunn is truly a legend. Wig Wam is getting a whole lot of royalties right about now.


Episode 38 - Space Vampires

Between Peacemaker and The Book of Boba Fett (and a shit ton of other tv shows), we've had quite the exciting January. Its honestly perfect timing, since January is the only month out of the year where no one judges you if you sleep on your couch every night or become a hermit (we see you trying not to drink, New Years Resolution people) 

We obviously are not capable of giving up alcohol. We both have tried, but it is not our battle to fight. Maybe Boba or Marty Byrde can take over for us. However, we are exceptional at sleeping during the day and staying up all night. 

....and we kind of go back to our vampire roots with some fun (and very random) nerdy news. Why is it everyone we love has once played a vampire? Hmmmm....



Episode 37 - Relatable Meets Behind the Bucket


We are finally in our new Star Wars era. The Book of Boba Fett is halfway through its season, the Rogue One spin off show Andor is up to premiere next, and of course, Obi Wan is also set to premiere later this year. We're ready and nowhere near ready at the same time, but to set the mood, we figured - why not invited some fellow Star Wars nerds onto the show?!

The creators of "Behind the Bucket : A Midwest Garrison Story" are here to chat with us about their new documentary about the 501st Midwest Legion and their incredible acts of service to the Star Wars community and many others. We cover the behind the scenes of the movie, what the 501st is all about and our favorite parts of the Star Wars galaxy.

Of course we have some opening remarks, in which we discuss our perfect, future Utopia we plan on starting. Listen up if you want in. 


EPISODE 36 - Let’s Play A Game

Happy 2022! It seems to be shaping up as quite the year already, as the ReLadies review what exciting events we have taking place - including a shit ton of Star Wars content and DC's official takeover of the universe as we know it. Oh, and did we mention omicron is also pretty viral right now? Please wear a damn mask.

After editing this episode, the ReLadies created a new drinking game to go along with it, because that's what we do best.

Every time you hear "Andrew Garfield" being said, please take a shot of your beverage of choice (preferably whiskey). At the end of the episode, please try your very best to recap what the last ten minutes of the episode was about. Winner gets a shoutout. Let the games begin. 


EPISODE 35 - Hoe Hoe Hoe

Happy Hoe-lidays from your ReLadies!!

Ilsa and Kyra do their best to present a spoiler-free review of Spider-Man No Way Home and the Series Finale of Hawkeye, and yet they fail miserably. 

But if you're anything like us, then you Done Been Knowing anyways. 

In this episode we also discuss the importance of dating outside of your height, the unimportance of knowing the Presidents of the United States, and the gem of a human known as Florence Pugh.


Episode 34 - Our Children Are Serial Killers - Feat. BingetownTV

The ReLadies are joined by special guests Jim and Brian from BingetownTV podcast! They are the resident Comic Book and Star Wars experts on their podcast so obviously our convos go a little off the rails...

In this episode we discuss the first two episodes of Hawkeye and reveal some fun Easter eggs you might have missed. Ilsa also makes Jim and Brian uncomfortable by asking them if they are afraid to have children because they might turn into serial killers. 

It's a super fun episode so come and nerd out with us and our two new nerdy besties!!!!!

Raise your hand if you love internet friends!


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