Relatable with Ilsa and Kyra


EPISODE 35 - Hoe Hoe Hoe

Happy Hoe-lidays from your ReLadies!!

Ilsa and Kyra do their best to present a spoiler-free review of Spider-Man No Way Home and the Series Finale of Hawkeye, and yet they fail miserably. 

But if you're anything like us, then you Done Been Knowing anyways. 

In this episode we also discuss the importance of dating outside of your height, the unimportance of knowing the Presidents of the United States, and the gem of a human known as Florence Pugh.


Episode 34 - Our Children Are Serial Killers - Feat. BingetownTV

The ReLadies are joined by special guests Jim and Brian from BingetownTV podcast! They are the resident Comic Book and Star Wars experts on their podcast so obviously our convos go a little off the rails...

In this episode we discuss the first two episodes of Hawkeye and reveal some fun Easter eggs you might have missed. Ilsa also makes Jim and Brian uncomfortable by asking them if they are afraid to have children because they might turn into serial killers. 

It's a super fun episode so come and nerd out with us and our two new nerdy besties!!!!!

Raise your hand if you love internet friends!



Episode 33 - Eternally Yours

The time has finally come. The moment is finally here. Our entire lives had lead up to this -

OUR ETERNALS EPISODE.  Eternals finally debuted in the United States this past weekend and despite the spoilers we've endured leading up to the movie (thanks Variety), and the negative critic reviews (you guys need to stop being so rude) - we absolutely adored this film and are already counting down the days until the next installment. 

Please do not listen to this episode if you haven't seen the movie. There are many spoilers. We ain't sorry about it. 

Amongst the Eternals deep dive, we do jump into a lot out other nerdy rumors hitting the town right now. Another Star Wars film delayed? We will get to see a beloved Knights of the Old Republic movie after all (fingers crossed) ? A Black Widow crossover with Stranger Things? Daylight savings time did happen this past Saturday and it looks like it stirred up a lot! Maybe we are all in our own version of the multiverse now....


Episode 32 - A WHORE-R STORY

Ah, we've arrived at yet the end of another month (one of our favorites sadly). RIP to the best season, best holiday, and quite honestly an amazing month for cinema and television. We were quite blessed to witness Dune finally, as well as countless other movies. 

Have you noticed how psychic your ReLadies are? We've decided to add another segment completely dedicated to rumors we may have started, that are all starting to come true. We never knew manifestation would produce the Thunderbolts team in the MCU...but alas, here we are. Let's see if this method works for the new Spidey movie in December *fingers crossed*

 A small Dune recap is very much in order for this episode. We fangirl about our favorite scenes, favorite characters and perhaps how we now see the Baron in our nightmares every single night. Next week we will be filming our season finale! Thanks for tuning in!


Episode 31 - Dune, DC and Daddies

Y'all I think we just had the most epic weekend of our lives - DC Fandome happened all while we were having our FIRST EVER live show and appearance at Wizard World comic con! We had an absolute at the con and recap everything that went down, along with some of our favorite cosplayers we got to meet. Carnage was one of them (perfect timing, considering we haven't been able to shut up about the latest Venom movie)! 

The time has finally arrived. Dune is out tonight in theaters all across America and we can't believe we're finally going to see the movie we've been waiting for our entire lives. Go see Dune. 

The news just kept coming in hot this week, as we got word of a certain One Direction member appearing in Eternals. Big spoiler alert. Can you guess who it is? Hint: He adores you.

We dive right into a serious recap of everything that went down at the DC Fandome. The new Batman trailer, Aquaman, The Flash and Black Adam absolutely blew our minds. Dare we say 2022 is the year of DC comics...? I guess we'll have to die another die to find out. 


Episode 30 - A Dirty Thirty Affair

Welcome to our dirty thirty episode. 

We can't believe either one of us have made is this far. We've got one hell of an episode for you guys this week and considering that this episode premieres while mercury is still in retrograde, we know we could all use a little laugh right about now. Thankfully, Venom came out this past week. Its like Marvel knew us spooky b*tches would be in despair this week!

We also discuss the season of finale of What If, the new prequel Game Of Thrones series and our favorite character from Wanda Vision getting her own spin off series!

We can't WAIT to see you guys at Wizard World this Friday in Chicago! We will be hosting a small live version of our show on the exhibitor stage at 4 pm! Come say hello :) 


Episode 29 - Relatable Meets the Dune Cast

After being plagued by illness most of the month of September, we are back and this week's episode has been in the works since July. We are *SUPER EXCITED* to have Rod Johnson, cohost of Dune Cast, hanging out with us for this week's episode. DuneCast is our favorite Dune podcast out there and this episode was a dream come true.

Y'all know we are Dune fanatics and worship the spice. We try our best to annotate Dune in our own words but know that shit can make it even more difficult to understand - Rod on the other hand, is like an expert of Arrakis. We dove into some of our favorite characters, scenes and we take it back to the night we got to preview the first 20 minutes of Dune back in July!

Dune drops October 22nd, here in the states! Pay the extra few bucks and see it in IMAX if you can. And get ready for your life to be changed forever. 



Episode 28 - Alive and Unwell

Please excuse us for our absence last week - we were busy fighting zombies alongside whatever is left of the Avengers. Don't believe us? Thats fine. Disney Plus doesn't lie. Check out the latest episode of What If for proof. 

...okay well maybe we were just fighting covid. And maybe the cough medicine made us have some wild dreams, but we swear the zombie part is real!! Why the hell would we want to exist in a world where America's favorite ass is deflated and part zombie? Sounds like our own personal hell. 

The MCU made up for all of that though by giving us what we've been asking for, for years - the Hawkeye trailer!! Purple is the color of royalty and Kate Bishop is our queen.  


Episode 27 - All My Heroes Are Dead

Our mantras, manifestations, crystals and brujeria finally paid off this week - we were blessed with the Spiderman No Way Home trailer!!!!! 

If you haven't watched this trailer yet, please stop what you're doing and head to our Youtube to watch our live reaction (aka us just screaming and crying) to the trailer.

As if this trailer wasn't enough to add to our alcoholism (of course we celebrated with a white claw when this trailer came out - duh), the Disney Gallery premiered an all inclusive, behind the scenes episode of The Mandalorian season 2 finale! If you put Luke Skywalker in anything, sign us up. We pray to him every night before we go to bed. 

Guess whose going to jail tonight? If you know you know. Mark Hamill is going to post our bail tonight. 


Episode 26 - Return of the Jedi

We've nearly reached the end of the summer, the end of Leo season and .....the end of a 18 day bender of way too much alcohol. Everyone is getting ready to go back to school, be kicked off unemployment and even to start shopping for Halloween candy because Target clearly isn't having another socially distanced covid Halloween this year.

We missed you guys terribly and because of that, this episode is 74 fucking minutes. SEVENTY FOUR. #reasonsitsnotourfault - we chose to take a very long nap during the most intense time of the nerd world ; The Bad Batch season finale and the release of The Suicide Squad!!

Needless to say, many tears were had. RIP to the the original clone base planet of our dreams - Kamino < / 3 I guess we should also say RIP to Pete Davidson too because he didn't make it too far in The Suicide Squad (such waste of talent) 


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