Relatable with Ilsa and Kyra


EPISODE 36 - Let’s Play A Game

January 5, 2022

Happy 2022! It seems to be shaping up as quite the year already, as the ReLadies review what exciting events we have taking place - including a shit ton of Star Wars content and DC's official takeover of the universe as we know it. Oh, and did we mention omicron is also pretty viral right now? Please wear a damn mask.

After editing this episode, the ReLadies created a new drinking game to go along with it, because that's what we do best.

Every time you hear "Andrew Garfield" being said, please take a shot of your beverage of choice (preferably whiskey). At the end of the episode, please try your very best to recap what the last ten minutes of the episode was about. Winner gets a shoutout. Let the games begin. 

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